A Student Athelete's Struggles

My name Jaeliana Quinones and I am 15 years old. I play three sports in my school, volleyball, basketball, and softball. One of the hardest things for me throughout the year is being able to balance my academics along with my athletics. Although I maintain a grade average of a 93, it wasn't easy for me. Everyday, for any sport season, I had practice everyday of the school week. Monday through Friday, I either had practice or a game. From 2:30 to about 6:00, sometimes 6:30, I would be playing the sport that was in season. Right after, I would have to take a 45 minute bus ride home, and then go to my recreatiional sport events, which meant another practice or game. it was tough for me, and I barely had time to fit in for homework and projects.

From day one, my coaches expectations were to be a STUDENT before an athlete. This was the first thing they mentioned, nad it was something they were serious about. I remember them saying things like, "If you don't get grades that are up-to-par, you'll be sitting."

However, this was really no problem for me. I had great relationships with most of my teachers, and I did everytyhing I could to show my effort in achieving the best grades I could. I always did well on my tests, and made sure I would always have my homework completed. I also took any oppurtunites for extra credit.

Honestly, balancing out both academics and athletics is very difficult. At some times, a student who is doing both may have some times of issue. This is common, and I can relate. If you're having troubles with both, Click here.